Hello from Vinus.

My name is Sarah Williams and I am a winemaker.  

Born in Staffordshire (England), I trained as a winemaker in Bordeaux (France) and have been working internationally since obtaining my qualification. I am fortunate enough to have experienced wineries and winemaking in many countries from France to New Zealand; from Russia to China via Uruguay, Portugal, Austria and England. I initially trained as a Chemist (MChem, University of York, UK) with a final year in Grenoble (France). I subsequently worked in France and Bristol (UK) before moving to France in 2007 and finally enrolling to study winemaking in Bordeaux (France) in 2008.

My work brings me into contact with some wonderful wines, foods, places and people. I hope to be able to share my enthusiasm for these via this blog.  My international winemaking experiences have been invaluable in shaping both my knowledge and professional capacities whilst continually expanding my horizons and challenging me.

If this blog inspires your curiosity for wines, flavours and how to appreciate them then please feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media.